SM1 Soil Moisture Sensor (Discontinued)

  • SDI-12 Output - Telemetry Ready
  • Lengths Available 30cm to 150cm
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The SM1 soil moisture sensor is an inexpensive capacitance probe which measures soil moisture in all kinds of soils in a wide range of depths, from 30cm to 150cm. All models come with one sensor every 10cm.

The SM1 soil moisture sensor has an exceptionally low power consumption which allows several sensors to be connected to one RTU. It has a larger sphere of influences than most probes, extending beyond a 10cm radius around the access tube.

The access tube has a diameter of just 32mm (1.25”) which allows for a quick and easy installation. A SM1 probe up to a length of 60cm can normally be installed by pushing the access tube into an undersized hole. Beyond this length a slurry installation is recommended.

The soil moisture sensor is made up of two sensor boards, which are either 30cm long with 3 sensors, or 50cm long with 5 sensors. Each sensor board has a centrally located temperature sensor. Therefore each probe comes with up to 3 soil temperature sensors.

The SDI-12 interface makes it compatible with a wide range of data loggers. The probe requires a voltage between 5.5V and 12V DC to power it.

Manufactured by: Adcon Telemetry
Model: SM1 Soil Moisture Sensor (Discontinued)

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Soil moisture monitoring
Rain and weather monitoring


Access Tube 32mm
Top Cap 82mm
Protection Class IP-67
Temperature Range -55°C to +70°C
Output Signal SDI-12
Cable 5m, Polyethylene (PE)
Probe Material UV resistant PVC
Connector 7-pin M9 male Binder connector
Power Supply 5.6V .. 12VDC
Soil Moisture:
Measuring Range 0 ... 100%
Resolution 0.1%
Accuracy ± 2%
Measuring Method Capacitance
Number of Sensors 1 sensor every 10cm
Soil Temperature:
Measuring Range -55°C to +70°C
Resolution 0.125°C
Accuracy ± 0.5°C (0 to 70°C)
Temperature Sensors Up to 5: one every 30cm; at 15, 45,
75, 105 and 135cm
Available Probe Lengths 30, 60, 90, 120, 150cm


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