Hydro GeoAnalyst

  • Simple Data Transfer System Easily import and validate data from virtually any data source
  • Fully Customize Templates Customize your environmental database to your specific project needs
  • Complete Lab Assessments Verify the accuracy of laboratory results
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Environmental Data Management, Analysis and Visualization Software

Hydro GeoAnalyst is an all-in-one groundwater and environmental data management system that can store and organise environmental data. It quickly creates comprehensive analytical results that are reliable and easy to understand.

Those that use Hydro GeoAnalyst can effectively and efficiently manage large volumes of data and make it easier for users to make informed decisions about environmental and water resources.


  • Increases efficiency and is cost effective with automated data collection, data import, analysis and reporting workflows
  • Validates all data on import ensuring it meets quality requirements for reliable analyses
  • Have complete control over your database; customise structure to accommodate project needs and scale your database as data volumes grow
  • Stores all your data in a single centralized database that can be accessed securely by multiple users across a network
  • Maximize efficiency in the field with easy-to-use planning tools and support for mobile electronic data deliverables
  • Collaborate and communicate efficiently through a single database
  • Manufactured by: Waterloo Hydrogeologic
    Model: Hydro GeoAnalyst

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    Local, state & federal groundwater monitoring networks
    Remediation projects
    Well construction details & registration information
    Mineral exploration
    Aquifer extents & geologic formations
    Landfill monitoring
    Spatial distribution of water quality parameters
    Groundwater vulnerability assessment & protection planning