Datastick Conductivity Meter

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The DataStick with conductivity sensor head is able to yield highly accurate 24-bit conductivity data. Interactive communication with a host computer or display interface is possible via a wide array of connectivity protocols, including Modbus RTU, DeviceNet, Profibus, USB, CANopen and Ethernet. Connection to any computer can enable data display, calibration and customisation of the sensor. Connection to a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) provides seamless integration with industrial control systems.

The sensor has a built-in pre-amplifier, universal engineering units conversion and universal signal conditioning electronics. It's built in electronics are completely encapsulated and O-ring sealed for protection from moisture and humidity. The DataStick Sensor System has exceptional mechanical strength and chemical resistance. Communication adapters and interchangeable pre-calibrated sensor heads can be fitted to the DataStick without the need to power down the system.

Manufactured by: Thermo Scientific
Model: Datastick Conductivity Meter

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Food processing
Water production
Reverse osmosis filters


Measurement System Performance†
Range 0.01 Cell: 18.2 MΩ • cm to 50 µS/cm
0.1 Cell: 0 to 500 µS/cm
1.0 Cell: 0 to 5000 µS/cm
Resolution 4.5 significant digits
Accuracy 0.1% of reading
Step Response Time 90% in 30 seconds
Operational Environment
PEEK Sensor Head Temperature Range: -5°C to 95°C
Maximum Pressure: 150 psig @ 95°C
Maximum Flow Rate: 10 ft/second
CVPC Sensor Head Temperature Range: -5°C to 75 °C
Maximum Pressure: 150 psig @ 75 °C
Maximum Flow Rate: 10 ft/second
Power Requirements‡
Voltage Range 10 to 30 VDC
Maximum Power 200 mW
Typical Power 120 mW
Cell Constants 0.01 for resistivity
0.1 and 1.0 for conductivity
Electrode Material Titanium, 316 stainless steel
O-rings Viton® (other materials available)
Sensor Head Material PEEK or CPVC
DataStick Material 316 stainless steel, PEEK or CPVC
Weight 1.2 lbs (PEEK or CPVC)
2.6 lbs (316 stainless steel)
Units of Measure
Measurement Units µS/cm, TDS, %, MΩ • cm
Temperature Units °C, °F
Zero In dry air
Span 1 point
Temperature 1 point
Temperature Compensation Options †††
Linear % per °C
Other Configuration Options
Sensor Filter 0 to 100 seconds
Temperature Filter 0 to 100 seconds
Concentration Table User 10-point
Approvals and Ratings
Immunity & Emissions CE Certified 89/336/EEC: CISPER 11, EN61000 (-4-2,-4-3,-4-4,-4-6, 4-8)
Safety cULus Listed; 367G E303570
Hazardous Locations Haz Loc Class 1, Division 2,
Groups A, B, C, D. Max Ambient 80 °C
†Note: Typical at 25°C Performance unaffected by cable length
‡Note: Class II DC power supply required
††Note: Conductivity and temperature are pre-calibrated at the factory
‡‡Note: Temperature can be entered manually


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