Radio Telemetry Data Loggers


RS Hydro have supplied and installed radio telemetry systems across UK, Ireland, Europe, Far East and Africa. Our radio telemetry systems use free-band radio and can transmit up to 10kms in one hop. Any single radio telemetry unit (RTU) can also act as a hop to communicate with another. All of the radios will communicate back to base via a master station which can be attached to a network, SCADA system or PLC. Out radio telemetry units are extremely easy to programme and can often be programmed injust a few button presses! Any station can be programmed as a master, slave or a repeater and if there is a problem with one station, the system can bypass that station and find an alternative route automatically. Even though a network may be on the other side of the world or in a remote location, all stations can be contacted in real-time. We are also able to provide remote GPRS- or satellite-to-UHF bridge stations for remote monitoring applications where there are either multiple monitoring points requiring real-time connectivity or where there is simply no coverage to install solitary GSM/GPRS telemetry units.

Applications can be very wide-ranging and diverse but can include almost any type of monitoring project:

  • Water quality monitoring;
  • Pressure/groundwater/level monitoring;
  • Leak detection;
  • Flow monitoring (open channel and pipe);
  • Meteorology;
  • Rainfall, dust & wind monitoring;
  • Irrigation, agriculture & horticulture;
  • Automatic Meter Reading (AMR).


Powering our Telemetry Systems...

Nothing could be easier! There are a choice of power options ranging from (i) 2 & 5 watt solar panels (postcard size!); (ii) mains power (110-230v); (iii) internal rechargeable battery; or (iv) internal lithium battery which can last up to 5 years without replacement. We have installed radio telemetry units with up to 20 level sensors (but can be up to 50), with fully-specified multiparameter sondes, weather stations or Modbus-based monitoring instrumentation. In all cases, our telemetry systems have on-board charge regulators and rechargeable batteries which in turn provide all of the power to the instruments attached. There is therefore no need to install kiosks, large solar panels or expensive battery/charging systems. You can fit the whole system in a shoe box!