oxy.IQ Oxygen Transmitter

  • Two-wire, loop-powered 4 to 20 mA transmitter
  • Intrinsically safe option for Class 1 Div 1 and Div 2 locations
  • User selectable ranges
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The oxy.IQ from Panametrics is a cost effective and reliable two-wire loop-powered transmitter. It has a 4 to 20 mA output and can measure oxygen in 10 ppm ranges and 7 percentage ranges, which can all be selected by the user. The transmitter is compact and uses proven sensor technology to accurately measure O₂ in a variety of gases, even in hazardous environments.

The oxy.IQ is controlled by a microprocessor that enables the user to select the range, perform calibration and trim outputs. The instrument can be easily programmed using the keypad and display, this keypad allows for complete functionality in hazardous areas.

The oxy.IQ’s oxygen sensor is an advanced galvanic fuel cell that provides superior performance and accuracy.

Also available as an analyser as part of a sampling system.

Manufactured by: Panametrics
Model: oxy.IQ Oxygen Transmitter

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Natural gas
Semiconductor wafer machines
Coating process machines
Membrane air separators
Inert welding gases
Pure gaseous hydrocarbon streams
Process monitoring of gaseous monomers
Heat treating and bright annealing
Glove box purge and leak detection


Intrinsically safe (IS) installation
Intrinsically safe installations require a zener barrier, one IS cable and one non-IS cable
Power requirements 24 to 28 VDC at 50 mA
Cable PN 704-1318: blue jacket, twisted pair with connector; 26 AWG; 2 or 10 m length
Output Total load must equal 250 Ω ±5% when using zener barrier
General purpose and non-incendive (Div 2) installations
Standard option package or IS package, no Zener barrier or galvanic isolator is required.
Flamepoof installation
Standard option mounted in Flameproof enclosure for ATEX or IECEX locations.
Power Requirements 24 to 28 VDC at 50 mA
Cable PN 704-1317: black jacket, twisted pair with connector; 26 AWG; 2 or 10 m length
All installations
Process wetted materials SS process unit: 316 stainless steel, Viton® O-ring, gold plated sensor electrical contacts and glass (Chemraz O-Ring Option)
User-selectable measurement ranges
  • PPM sensors:
    - 0 to 10 ppmv O2 (OX-1 or OX-2 only)
    - 0 to 20 ppmv O2 (OX-1 or OX-2 only)
    - 0 to 50 ppmv O2 (OX-1 or OX-2 only)
    - 0 to 100 ppmv O2
    - 0 to 200 ppmv O2
    - 0 to 500 ppmv O2
    - 0 to 1000 ppmv O2
    - 0 to 2000 ppmv O2
    - 0 to 5000 ppmv O2
    - 0 to 10,000 ppmv O2
  • Percent sensors:
    - 0% to 1% O2
    - 0% to 2% O2
    - 0% to 5% O2
    - 0% to 10% O2
    - 0% to 25% O2
    - 0% to 50% O2
All installations
  • ±1% of range at calibration point
  • ±2% of range at the calibration point for the 0 to 10 ppmv range (OX-1 or OX-2 only)
  • ±1% of range
  • ±2% of Range for the 0 to 10 ppmv range (OX-1, 2 only)
Resolution ±0.1% of range
  • ±2% of range (OX-1, 2, 3, 5)
  • ±5% of range (OX-4)
O2 sensor operating temperature 32 to 113°F (0 to 45°C)
Sample pressure Vented to atmosphere during operation and calibration
Atmospheric pressure effect ±0.13% of reading per mmHg (directly proportional to absolute pressure). During calibration, pressure and flow must be kept constant.
Process connection 1/8 in. NPT inlet and outlet oxy.IQ Specifications
Dimensions 4.10 x 2.75 x 2.05 in. (104.1 x 69.9 x 52.1 mm)
Weight 1.35 lb (612 grams)
Sample flow rate 1.0 SCFH (500 cc/min) recommended for process units
Electrical classification/certification Intrinsically safe
IS for Class I, Div 1, Groups ABCD, T4
Ex ia IIC Ga T4 Tamb -20 to 60°C
IS package, non-incendive without use of Zener barrier or galvanic isolator:
- USA/Canada: Class 1, Div 2, Groups A, B, C, D; T4
Flame proof package


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