O2.IQ Oxygen Analyzer Packaged Solution

  • User-selectable measurement range and corresponding sensor
  • Also available as a standalone sensor
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O2.IQ from Panametrics provides a reliable option for oxygen measurement in a wide variety of applications. This package consists of the oxy.IQ analyzer and sample conditioning system. It is housed in a space conscious housing, which provides easy access for maintenance and functionality. The analyzer is ready for field calibration once the O2.IQ has been mounted and the two terminals connected.

Also available as a standalone sensor.

Manufactured by: Panametrics
Model: O2.IQ Oxygen Analyzer Packaged Solution

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  • Rental
  • Installation
  • Calibration
  • Maintenance


Natural gas
Industrial gas production
Inert weld gases
Heat treating and annealing
Gaseous hydrocarbon streams


All installations
  • ±1% of range at calibration point
  • ±2% of range at the calibration point for the 0 to 10 ppmv range (OX-1 or OX-2 only)
  • ±1% of range
  • ±2% of range for the 0 to 10 ppmv range (OX-1, OX-2 only)
Resolution ±0.1% of range
  • ±2% of range (OX-1, 2, 3, 5)
  • ±5% of range (OX-4)
O2 Sensor operating temperature 0 to 45°C (32 to 113°F)
Sampler pressure Max inlet pressure 400 psig (27.5 barg) vented to
Atmospheric pressure effect ±0.13% of reading per mmHg (directly proportional to absolute pressure). During calibration, pressure and flow must be kept constant.
Process connection 6 mm / 1/4 in. compression tube fittings inlet and outlet
Dimensions 273.1 x 203.2 x 135 mm (10.0 x 8.0 x 5.32 in)
Weight 6.8 kg (15.0 lb)
Sample flow rate 1.0 SCFH (500 cc/min) recommended for process units
Electrical classification certification Intrinsically safe
  • USA/Canada
  • IS for Class 1, Groups A, B, C, D, T4
  • AEx ia IIC T4
  • ATEX and IECEx
  • Ex ia IIC Ga T4 Tamb -20 to 60°C

IS package, non-incendive without use of Zener barrier or galvanic isolator:
  • USA/Canada: Class 1, Div 2, Groups A, B, C, D: T4
European Compliance Complies with EMC directive 2004/108/EC


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