Mag 6000 Flowmeter Transmitter

  • High Accuracy Max. measuring error 0.25% of rate (including sensor)
  • Shipped from Stock RS Hydro stock a wide range of Siemens flow meters. Next day delivery.
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The MAG 6000 flow meter transmitter is suitable for more demanding applications where high accuracy is important. It can be panel mounted (as pictured, with the transmitter at top left), and has superior signal resolution. The MAG 6000 transmitter is also self-diagnostic, meaning it can detect and log errors. The display is multi-lingual and with a keypad interface.

  • Suitable software for parameterization: SIMATIC PDM
  • Custody transfer approval: PTB, OIML, R75, OIML R117 and OIML R49
  • 0.5% NIST traceable uncertainty
  • User configurable operation menu with password protection
  • Multiple functional output for process control
  • FM Class 1, Div 2 approval, cULus listed
  • Custody transfer approval: PTB
  • HART communication (optional)
  • Accessories: cleaning units for cleaning electrodes in the sensor

Can be combined with sensors MAGFLO MAG 1100, MAG 1100F, MAG 5100W, MAG 3100W, and MAG 3100. All specifications can be found under Electromagnetic Flowmeters.

Manufactured by: Siemens-Milltronics
Model: Mag 6000 Flowmeter Transmitter

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  • Installation
  • Calibration
  • Maintenance


Water and waste water
Chemical and pharmaceutical industries
Food and beverage industries
Power generation and utilities


Accuracy 0.2 % ±1 mm/s
Input / Output 1 current output
1 digital output
1 relay output
Communication HART
Profibus PA/DP
Foundation Fieldbus
Display Background illumination with alphanumeric text, 3 x 20 characters
Enclosure IP67 (NEMA 4x/6)
IP20 (NEMA 2)
Power Supply 12-24 V a.c./d.c.
115-230 V a.c. 50/60 Hz
Ambient Temperature From -20 to 50°C (-4 to 122 °F)
Approvals MI-001
OIML R49, R75 and R117
Ex-approvals FM/CSA Class 1, Div 2


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