Wildeye IoT Logger

  • IP68 Waterproof
  • Connect any meter or sensor
  • Long-life version lasts up to 6 years
  • Monitor up to 12 meters/sensors from a single wildeye
Product Options
Comms - 4G (CatM1)
Power - R - External Power
Power - B - Internal Battery


The Wildeye is a revolutionary device that connects meters & sensors directly to your phone.

Connectivity to your field systems and the important information they provide is easy, affordable, accurate and tracks everything on a fully customisable dashboard.

The Wildeye reports for compliance and operational excellence.

How much water are you putting on each field? How does it relate to evapotranspiration? How can you meet your compliance obligations like SB88 and SGMA?

Continuously monitor flow rates and volume remotely to see exactly how much water you're putting on the field and when.

Weather and Climate monitoring

Wildeye® weather stations get you the data you need: temperature, humidity, wind and sun and updates this information directly to your device.

Track your information on Wildeye’s, fully customisable dashboard.

When is the right time to be in the field for frost protection, spraying, cutting, or fertigation? Using Wildeye®, connectivity to your field systems and the important information they provide is simple, affordable, accurate and dependable.

Select Your Weather Stations Features:

  • Temperature Monitoring with Alerts
  • Evapotranspiration (Et0)
  • Delta-T & Growing Degree Days
  • Chill Portions and Chill Hours
  • Humidity and Leaf Wetness
  • Fire Danger Index

Using the Vodafone GDSP network, Wildeyes work in the following countries.

Manufactured by: Wildeye
Model: Wildeye IoT Logger

Services offered for this product

  • Sales
  • Rental
  • Installation
  • Calibration
  • Maintenance


Soil moisture
Flow monitoring
Weather and climate
Water levels
Irrigation scheduling


Wildeye 3G/4G IoT Logger
Channels max 2 native
(up to 12 with expanders)
Type 0-20mA, 0-5V, 10K Resistance
Accuracy 0.1%
Electrical 0-20mA, single ended
Switched Power (SPO) 200mA Max, 12V
Pulse Counter Inputs
Channels max 2 native
Open-circuit voltage 2.8 V
Close circuit voltage threshold 1.2 V
Input Impedance 1 MOhm
Minimum Pulse Width 20 ms
Maximum Frequency 25 Hz
Max Datapoints capacity 3G: 4000 Datapoints
4G: 10000 Datapoints
Channel Sampling Rate max 1 min per channel
Digital Interfaces
Types Supported Native: SDI-12, RS-485 ( half
with Expander: RS-232, TTL
SDI-12, RS-485 Connections Max 12
Size 4.33in x 2.17in x 1.58in
(110mm x 55mm x 40mm)
Weight 9 oz (255g)
Operating Temperature 23 °F to 140 °F (-5 °C to 60 °C)
3G [UTMS] Frequencies WCDMA 850/1900 Mhz
WCDMA 900/2100 Mhz
WCDMA 850/2100 Mhz
3G [UMTS] Power Output 1A @ 3.6V (+23dBm, 200mW)
4G [CatM1] Frequencies 3GPP Release 13 Bands: 1-5,
Freq: 700, 750, 800, 850, 900
1700, 1800, 1900, 2100 MHz
4G [CatM1] Power Output LTE Cat M1 / NB19 : Class 3
(23 dBm, 200mW)
Antenna Plug Type SMA


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Wildeye is a RTU, a Remote Telemetry Device designed for harsh environments. Wildeye® connects to global IoT cellular networks for maximum global coverage. There is no need for complicated radio infrastructure. Scale from one to thousands of sensors with minimal investment. Wildeye® works out of the box with plug and play connectors to connect infield sensors to the cloud and single button activation to streamline installation and maintenance and reduce costs. Your Wildeye® can be supplied with either ultra long life internal batteries or a rechargeable version from solar panels, battery packs or mains power
We have numerous tools to ensure that data from our platform is readily integrate-able with any third-party systems. These include a REST-API and several automated data export options (including (s)FTP, email and Dropbox) with customisable data formats. We have numerous clients who currently integrate data from our platform with their existing billing and SCADA systems.
Yes- We have numerous tools to ensure that data from our platform is readily integrate-able with any third-party systems. These include a REST-API and several automated data export options (including (s)FTP, email and Dropbox) with customisable data formats. We have numerous clients who currently integrate data from our platform with their existing billing and SCADA systems.
No, there is no AMI vendor lock-in. There’s no risk of a sunk cost if you choose to change AMI platform at any stage. At any point you can choose to host data from third-party hardware in your Outpost software or send data from Outpost hardware to third-party software/hosting platforms.
The Wildeye is IP68, this means it is completely waterproof thanks to the fully sealed and encapsulated electronics.
Yes – SMS and email alarms and reports are standard and easily configured including graphics and your own branding.
Yes, simply upload a graphics image and the web client will display your image.
We accept direct serial interfaces to one or all of the following on a single meter - pulse/counter, 0-5VDC, 4-20mA, RS232, RS485, Modbus, SDI12 and more. The hardware also has the capability to power sensors via a 15V switched power output.
The 4G connection is performed over the same network as emergency phone calls and will hunt for a new network if there is an outage. Data continues to be stored internally until transmission can be made and network issues resolved.
No - Because the network design leverages the existing cellular data network, and involves cloud-hosted data and software, it eliminates the additional costs of dedicated IT infrastructure (servers etc.) and communications network infrastructure (data concentrators and repeaters etc), that may be associated with alternative functional designs.
No – all you need is a web browser and if you want to create your own reports Microsoft Excel or similar.
Simple, really simple. Just connect to the meter, swipe magnet to activate your Outpost and you're done.
Anywhere within 4G network, it's in use in over 100 countries across the world.
We operate on any cellular network - no network lock-in. You have the peace of mind provided by surety of access to multiple 4G cellular network operators in future.
Yes – simply connect, swipe with a magnet as part of a normal meter replacement processes without having to build complete communications network first.
No, there are no minimum or maximum meter density/volume restrictions, fully scalable.
We use 4G so no risk of future degradation, spectrum crowding, spectrum reclamation etc.
No, this is a point-to-point solution that connects to the 4G network.
No, this is a point-to-point solution that connects to the 4G network.
Traditional fixed smart meter solutions use a proprietary radio network that is maintained by the customer and requires a high density of meters and an ideal physical topology to work effectively. A point-to-point 4G data network only requires mobile phone coverage at each meter and does not require meters to be physically proximate. This ensures that smart meter rollout selection can be made according to customer business case such as hard to read meters or high consumption meters first.
No - There is no single supplier risk as the Roaming network is standards based.
No – The Wildeye not susceptible to spectrum crowding from other radio technologies over time.
High security - The Outpost device communicates securely over the 4G Network using HTTPS over TCP/IP. 2-way data transmission enables guaranteed data delivery with store-and-forward application logic.
The data is compressed to minimise data traffic and battery consumption.
Roaming has a very fast response time to outages as consumers and businesses rely on the same network for phone calls, data is saved until such time it can be transmitted and remains saved on the device.
Our servers are hosted by Rackspace – a world leader in cloud computing. Find out more at http://www.rackspace.com.au/company/why-rackspace.php
All customer data is stored in Microsoft SQL Server Databases with daily offsite backup. We back up your data so that you don’t need to, but all data is available for your own backup if required though.
You own your data; no 3rd party has any ownership rights to your data. You can request a copy of your data at any time through the API or download process.
External access to our servers is controlled by firewalls and intrusion protection systems. Our own internal office networks are isolated from any customer data by design.
No, we provide a complete “out of the box” solution. There’s no IT infrastructure or software required. Just a single, fixed, pre-determined monthly per-meter fee that covers everything.
We can show you how to design your own or we can do that for you for a nominal fee.
We provide an extensive suite of data analysis and reporting. Configuration of, and access to, front-end features is user-managed on demand, providing users with the flexibility to perform complex functions and generate complex charts in real-time.
Live and interactive charting. Industry leading data refresh rates during data interrogation. Chart manipulation and viewing tools based on familiar click & drag and scroll-to-zoom controls. On-the-fly statistical analysis and live facts and figures. Custom chart annotation to share notes, interpretations and comments. Ability for users to create and save as many individual charts rows as required for data interpretation/presentation. Easily create and export high-quality colour charts for use in reports. Publish live chart images to the web by creating your own public chart URL’s.
Yes, a simple URL can be provided that will feed a webpage. Easily create and export high-quality colour charts for use in reports. Publish live chart images to the web by creating your own public chart URL’s. Create and view live facts and figures. View live meter readings.
Yes, within the limits of 1 min uploads and 4G connection but we would not recommend for critical monitoring, you should consider a dedicated wired system, please contact us for more information.
A wide variety! It’s easy to create automated email reports of charts and data and manage reporting schedules and recipients. Create and manage alerts via SMS and/or email in response to data (e.g., leak alerts). Create and manage automated data export (email. FTP, Dropbox). Prepare meter reading reports, meter validation reports etc.
We offer very simple integration with meter power supplies with our rechargeable version for use with a small solar panel or external power supply where available and have industry-leading battery life of ~10 years on our long-life-lithium version which provides a useful alternative to the installation of dedicated solar panels for communications equipment at non-powered installations.
Yes, and you don’t need to pay for a ModBus adaptor either! Simply connect and read. Piggy back of a local DC supply or if not available you don’t even need to install a dedicated solar panel solely for the communications system. The Battery version has a typical battery life of 5-10 years in most applications.
Yes, use the ModBus output or upgrade exising units (contact us for more information). Piggy back of the local DC supply.
Yes, we have custom solar panel that holds the Wildeye, comes with pigeon spikes, and is easy to fit and mount in seconds.
Probably not - The COBRA2 product family has a rechargeable Li-ion power supply, with on-board battery management (including automated battery-protection cut-off and restart upon power restoration) and charge management (i.e., solar charge regulators are not required). External power can be from virtually any available DC source from 6-32V.
Small! About half the size of a laptop screen. A 5W/12V solar panel provides sufficient power for continuous 5-minute data uploads.
Yes - our equipment is extremely robust and can be installed in virtually any common application without the need for additional protection/enclosures. The devices are comprised of tough, flame retardant ABS plastic, with anti-UV additive enclosures with all electronics fully isolated (IP68) from the environment through resin potting
Outpost hardware has a nominal expected service life of ~7 years. For budgetary purposes we conservatively suggest an allowance for unscheduled replacements of 1% of devices per year.
Risks are minimised by nature of the product design. Installation time is minimised by virtue of the fact that hardware is remotely configured and managed. We believe that our product is as close to “plug and play” as is currently available in the market. Changes in meter reading frequency and firmware upgrades occur remotely ‘over the air’ which minimises the requirement for staff to be on site.
Almost any! Certainly, all that have a standard output.
No- we work with any water meter - no meter vendor lock-in. The platform is committed to supporting all utility water meters.
Yes, designs are developed for individual meter types so that the AMI unit essentially becomes one piece with the meter, allowing factory integration of the Outpost AMI unit and any approved meter type prior to in-field deployment. Please contact us for further information.
Very little! The cloud-connectivity of Outpost hardware makes the setup and operation of sophisticated remote meter reading and monitoring systems a relatively low-tech task. Once our hardware is connected to a meter or sensor in the field, all calibration and data analysis can occur off-site, with status reports and alarms provided for peace of mind.
We hold stock and the majority of orders are fulfilled within 2-3 weeks.
Yes - Tested and completed devices are delivered for installation and commissioning using comms via the existing 4G network.
It’s very quick, the time at the meter is typically <5 minutes. The end-to-end installation and commissioning procedure is managed, reported and supported by dedicated installation software that runs on a smartphone or tablet computer which is connected to the same 4G network.
Yes (if you need it) of course. Only large installations normally need a formal session which can be on site or remote. Typically 1?2 day is more than sufficient after which ongoing support is available via email and phone and is covered within our standard charges.
Yes. Because our hardware and software are so easy to use, and because it is hosted in-cloud, supporting our software is far simpler than for locally hosted equivalents, or for technologies which use a private radio communications network. These relatively low support costs are reflected in the low total cost of ownership of our platform.